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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This is love:

This is love: that we walk according to His commands. -II John 6

How does liberty in Christ become a reality in life? Obedience! Obedience to God's Word. Rightly responding to the Word of God is our ticket on the freedom train. God's Word is the perfect law that gives freedom.

I know that sometimes we can be in too much bondage to even imagine living an obedient life. We want God to somehow wave a wand over us and magically remove every hindrance without requiring anything of us. But if God simply waved a wand over us and broke every yoke without our cooperation, we would soon pick up another. We cannot go forward without obedience.

-from Beth Moore's "Breaking Free Day By Day."


  1. obedience is the first law of the heaven!
    good works!

    God Bless u

  2. "Obedience to God's Word".

    God knows everything that sometimes we don't understand, but we must be obedient :)

    God bless you =)