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21/female with an unconditional passion for the world of creativity. Created a peacemaker, negotiator, calmer, & inventor of many things. I watch, I write, & I wait as my total reverie comes to pass. I learn as I listen, & I apply what I learn. I've a mind's eye & wish to share most everything with those willing to explore my world.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Who Is They?

Who is it that I’m writing for? What is it exactly that I expect? Am I focused too much on the diluted morals of the world? Why is it that I care? Where do the questions come from? Are they something that I fabricate? Were the fabrications instant, or have I unknowingly been at work for a while? What is doubt? Is it hesitation, or in this instance disbelief? Why is it that we walk blinded- feeling passionate in our emotions, yet torn in our spirit? When will the evidence be clear to all mankind? I want to visibly, unmistakably recognize the difference that I have made. Have I made one or any at all? Is it narcissistic? Is it proud? Have I masked my heart with a self-centered smile? Have I confused the innocent on-lookers? Inhale. Exhale. The attestation will be. All in due time, they will know. They will know. Who is they?

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  1. Hope you are writting some songs please, cos I LOVE THE WAY TOU WRITE!!
    Christina LLopis