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21/female with an unconditional passion for the world of creativity. Created a peacemaker, negotiator, calmer, & inventor of many things. I watch, I write, & I wait as my total reverie comes to pass. I learn as I listen, & I apply what I learn. I've a mind's eye & wish to share most everything with those willing to explore my world.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Listening (Warning Of The Weeds)

I’m doing my best to listen. I’m partially distracted by the musical events that seem to always take place in my head. Listening. I’m still attempting to listen. I wish that you could take a vacation and visit the creative parts of my mind. I wish you could hear what I hear. I wonder what you’d think.
Today has been a day of mass destruction in my heart. Listening. I’m over listening to the excuses of those that don’t truly care. It makes me wish they’d never been there at all. Listening to my heart now. I think it’s time to let go. Broken. Bitter. Not I. Not today. I don’t have the time. Listening. Maybe listening is the best thing I can possibly do for myself at this point. If I better myself by listening, it can only have a positive effect on those around me.
Positivity is needed. Simplicity is key.
Friends are needed, but there are few to be found.
Take this as my warning of the weeds.

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